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Repeat the Sounding Joy: 2 Lessons from the First Christmas Song

Posted By: Luke Comments: 0 Times Read: 804

The Christmas story is not just a personal belief. It’s historical reality. It’s not just a personal perspective. It’s a public announcement that the King has come. Jesus is Lord of all, that that truth radically changes every area of life. We see this from the very beginning of the Christmas story. One of the very first announcements of this good news was given by angels to a group of shepherds in a field, not to a group of Rabbis praying in a temple. And after delivering this announcement, these angels performed the very first public performance of a Christmas carol.

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Merry Christmas: 4 Ways to Live Out the Message of Christmas in your Community

Posted By: Melodi Comments: 0 Times Read: 1220

Because of Christ, we can say the word “Merry Christmas” and really mean them. But as Christians, we can go beyond just saying the words. We can live them out. We can show the love of Christ with our lives. Since we have been transformed by Christ’s love, we are called to share His love and hope with others. Instead of just saying “Merry Christmas,” we can show them the reason we rejoice, even in the midst of brokenness. There’s no better time for your church to reflect the love of God to your community than Christmas. Here are four ways to put the message of Christmas on display during this season.

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