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4 Barriers to Running Effective Instagram and Facebook Ads

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96% of the unchurched say they would be likely to attend church if someone simply invited them. And we learned that 75% of those people are active on Facebook and Instagram. That means that social networks like Facebook and Instagram are the single greatest outreach opportunity that is available to your church. The potential for reaching people with the gospel is incredible. But this is not new information. So why are so few churches taking advantage of this opportunity? Why aren’t more churches having success with Facebook and Instagram ads? Well, there are 4 massive barriers that keep churches from running effective online ads. And we’re going to give them to you right now. Then, we’re going to tell you how your church can get past them.

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The Case for Online Advertising: Why your Church Needs to be Using Facebook Ads

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At ProChurch, we’ve been helping churches with outreach and evangelism resources for over 10 years. In that time, a lot has changed in our culture. The mission of the church is still to reach people with the gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ. Mark 16:15 tells us to “Go into all the world_ and preach the gospel to every creature.” This is the mission statement for your church. This is the mission statement for every church. And in this blog post series, we’re going to lay out an outreach strategy that you can implement to reach people in your community every day of the year.

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Facebook Fails: 8 Common Mistakes that Churches make on Facebook

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The digital revolution is here, and it’s not going away any time soon. Consider these incredible statistics. Pew research reported that 96% of adults in the U.S. own a cell phone, and 81% own a smartphone, which means they have access to the internet and social media 24/7. Basically, we walk around with a personal computer in our hands all day, and this access to the internet has changed the way we do everything. But one thing has not changed: the mission of the church is still to reach people with the gospel and make disciples of Jesus Christ. If your church is going to obey the command to “go into all the world”, you need a digital presence. And since 71% of U.S. adults are active on Facebook, your church Facebook page is a great place to start.

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Digital Outreach: 6 Marketing Habits of an Effective Church

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Most pastors and church leaders don’t think in terms of “branding” or “marketing”. They’re understandably suspicious of methodology that tells you to run your church like a business, and they worry that their appeals to the community will start to sound like sales pitches. Plus, they understand that they’ll never be able to compete with the the newest strategies and technologies of Hollywood or the marketing industry. But here’s the reality: you don’t get to decide whether or not your church has a marketing strategy. It already does. Just think of marketing as the process of communicating who you are to other people and working to capture the attention of the people you are called to reach. Whether you realize it or not, your church is already sending that message to the people in your city. You can call it church marketing or digital outreach, but whatever you call it, you really can’t afford to ignore it. Your church needs a strategy for engaging your community.

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Turn your Next Sermon Series into an Outreach Tool in 4 Easy Steps

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The average pastor spends between 10 and 18 hours each week preparing for the sermon on Sunday. And that doesn’t include the many hours invested by others to prepare and present that sermon each week. Now that you’ve prayed and prepared for these sermons, you want your entire church family to be shaped by God’s word. You want visitors to come and hear the good news of Jesus Christ. You are praying that God will use your labor and give you spiritual fruit for the glory of His name. And this is why you want as many people as possible to be there for your weekly gathering. You want to transfer that truth to as many people as you can. In this post, we’re going to look at 4 simple steps to turn your sermon series into an outreach tool. We want to help you reach as many people as possible with the life-transforming power of God’s Word.

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