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Digital Outreach: 6 Marketing Habits of an Effective Church

Posted By: Luke Comments: 0 Times Read: 3001

Most pastors and church leaders don’t think in terms of “branding” or “marketing”. They’re understandably suspicious of methodology that tells you to run your church like a business, and they worry that their appeals to the community will start to sound like sales pitches. Plus, they understand that they’ll never be able to compete with the the newest strategies and technologies of Hollywood or the marketing industry. But here’s the reality: you don’t get to decide whether or not your church has a marketing strategy. It already does. Just think of marketing as the process of communicating who you are to other people and working to capture the attention of the people you are called to reach. Whether you realize it or not, your church is already sending that message to the people in your city. You can call it church marketing or digital outreach, but whatever you call it, you really can’t afford to ignore it. Your church needs a strategy for engaging your community.

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Storyline: 12 Plot Points in the Story of the Bible and How they Help Us Evangelize a Post-Christian Culture

Posted By: Luke Comments: 0 Times Read: 5617

There was a time when many people had read the Bible enough to know how it was put together. This was even true of atheists. In his book “The God Who is There”, D.A. Carson calls them “Christian atheists”. In other words, the God they disbelieved in was the God of the Bible. But today, there are a rising number of people who have no idea how the Bible works at all. The stories in the Bible are not randomly selected. They’re not like the disconnected stories on the evening news or the product of a iPod on shuffle mode. The books of the Bible are much more like movements of one great symphony. The Bible is not a random collection of stories. It is the record of the one great story. It is the story that explains all other stories. It is the story of God and His plan to restore a relationship with mankind.

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The Surprising History of Christian Tracts

Posted By: Melodi Comments: 0 Times Read: 5458

Tracts have a long and diverse history, being in use since before the printing press to spread ideas — usually controversial, usually religious or political. Since ancient times, God has communicated to humanity through writing; and similarly, Christians have used tracts to communicate truth for centuries.

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A Primer on Reaching your City for Christ: 3 Creative Examples of Faithful Gospel Witness

Posted By: Luke Comments: 0 Times Read: 1321

In Acts 13 through 20, the Apostle Paul visits 48 cities, and in every city, people come to faith in Christ. Lives and families are changed. Communities are transformed by the gospel of grace. You say, “Well, sure. But Paul’s situation was different. He lived during a different time. He was trying to reach completely different people. And he was doing all of this in a completely different area.” That’s true. But none of those factors change the essential message of the gospel. Your city is not exactly like any city that Paul visited. But it’s a little bit like all of them.

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Church Alive: 4 Vital Signs of a Church on Mission

Posted By: Luke Comments: 0 Times Read: 1499

What come to your mind when you hear the word church? I’m not sure what images come to mind, but I’m sure it’s much different than how they understood that word in the first century. When it began, the church was essentially a movement. It was a movement built around one conviction: that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior of the entire world, the only way that sinners can be reconciled to their Creator, and the rightful King of every last inch of the universe. By definition, movements should be moving. And healthy churches will be moving with the message they have been entrusted with.

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